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ATLAST!!!! its ready for all the troubles!.......LIVE JAMS!

>>> CAUTION: People with sensitive ears must avoid these song <<<
Pls!......we request you to re - download the songs from Album - Swaram!..........we have edited some more!....
Thank you!
Today it was an important day in the history of swaram..!

We Have released all our songs in our 1st Album!!...       
       Naatin Paattu
       Puthiyorru Gaanam

Give us your Feedbacks n Suggestions to improve our self....! 

Hear it and Enjoy!!

To all the Fans of Swaram..!  it is requested to all that pls Re-download all the get the latest updates!
we have released the 2nd song with little correction....

Greetings 2 all music lovers. 
                Aftr a short break having passed all technical problems we have finally released our 2nd piece of art - "Puthiyoru Gaanam". thnk u thnk u.
                   So welcoming nd requesting all swaram lovers nd music lovers 2 visit our site n hear our songs. 
bettr nt frgt 2 leave feed backs!!!

29th march 2011
much awaited release of our first song was today.....

Please go to the OUR SONGS tab to hear our first song "Naattin Paattu"....

we will be releasing our next few more songs soon....

your feedbacks and comments are valuable

Hear and Enjoy!!
Few more days for the release of our album.....wait and watch!!...
We have just started........

Swaram Band